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MPP LogoThe Million Penny Project™ is a fundraising campaign that invites the community and local businesses to collectively donate their financial and professional resources for a cause. The current cause is homelessness (food / shelter / clothing). Our goal is to raise one million pennies ($10,000) for each participating charity. We’ve partnered with leading organizations focused on providing relief and solutions to homelessness, with all proceeds from contributions and the sale of merchandise from the campaign benefiting these organizations.

New Million Penny Project developments


Pumped for Change prepares to launch final two artwork installations

After another intensive round of penny selection and artwork discussion, Pumped for Change will be launching the last and final two artwork installations of the Million Penny project outdoor campaign. After circulation, the boards will be donated to the local partner charities to be auctioned off at their annual Gala Events.

Fuel Outdoor has once again graciously volunteered transit space and production for the cause and will post the artwork installations to circulate throughout downtown Miami during the coming months. More information to come.



Local Charity Hopes To Collect Million Pennies To Help Homeless
Ian Wood, NBC6.net Reporter

Bus BoardA million pennies are equal to ten thousand dollars, and that is what 'Pumped for Change' hopes to collect with its Million Penny Project.

Wednesday morning, the non-profit organization unveiled a piece of art being displayed at a bus stop in front of the AmericanAirlines Arena that is entirely made of pennies.

Some are shiny, new pennies, others dark, old pennies.

The 1600 pennies used in the artwork are arranged by color in a way that shows two hands coming together, a symbol 'Pumped for Change' hopes will inspire people to give.

'Pumped for Change' will spread the wealth, giving the money it raises to local charities like Camillus House and the Community Partnership for Homeless.

While the charity welcomes even the smallest donations, pennies, they hare also eager to accept bills.- Special Thanks to Fuel Outdoor and Bristol P.R. for all their help.


The "Make Change" PSA spot is finally out. Look for traces throughtout the web, your local station or you can see right here (top left).This production was a true collaborative effort between Pumped, Inc., Brainchild Creative, Phoenix Editorial, Filmiko and countless others who contributed to taking a simple idea and making a powerful statement.



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